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39+ Blue French Bulldog With Spots Photo

Blue French Bulldog With Spots. These frenchies are really cute and very popular. They’re rare french bulldogs because they inherit a recessive gene that gives them their unique appearance.

French Bulldog Puppies With Spots Have You Seen These
French Bulldog Puppies With Spots Have You Seen These from

This is the most uncommon of the merle frenchies and could cost you up to a whopping $30,000. Black and tan french bulldogs. The pure blue is a desirable color that like the pure black is extremely rare and more expensive.

The Frenchie Often Grabs Attention With Its Silly And Funny Demeanor.

To the eye, this color looks grey or gray. These dogs often have blue eyes, and their chances of deafness and blindness are typically more severe than in other white french bulldogs. The eyes of most of the frenchie’s are distinct from those of black eyes and either they are yellow, orange, or blue and grey.

You Can Easily Spot The Merle Frenchie 'Cause His Coat Is The Most Colorful Type.

There are many food allergies french bulldogs have in common with other breeds of dog. Blue and tan french bulldogs. Including allergic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, and acute moist dermatitis.

Apply Coconut Oil To Injured And Inflamed Spots.

Be aware that some blue french bulldogs (and other dogs, too) can develop color dilution alopecia. Known as ‘hot spots’, there are a few different types of dermatitis that your french bulldog could be suffering from; What colors do french bulldogs come in?

Types Of Piebald French Bulldogs.

Blue and tan/fawn french bulldog. It’s necessary to mention that not all french bulldogs carry a dilute gene. Blue and tan french bulldog.

French Bulldogs With The Blue Merle Pattern Might Be The Rarest And Most Unique Of Them All.

Tips to prevent french bulldog hot spots in the future: Black and tan frenchies are extremely rare and also disqualified from akc standards. Blue and tans are similar to the black and tans but with the blue diluted gene.