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79+ Merle French Bulldog Breeding Photo

Merle French Bulldog Breeding. Many of the same breeders are breeding chocolate and blue. This doesn’t have to be a concern if you purchase your puppy from a responsible breeder that understands color genetics and conducts genetic testing/color testing on their french.

Stud Dog Blue Merle French Bulldog Breed Your Dog
Stud Dog Blue Merle French Bulldog Breed Your Dog from

Can you breed two merle french bulldogs? French bulldogs are bred with dogs that have the merle gene, usually a chihuahua, to create a merle french bulldog. Yes, you can technically breed two merle dogs;

This Is Why The American Kennel Club Does Not Recognize Merle French Bulldog As A Standard Breed.

About white and merle french bulldog breeding. After this, two merle french bulldogs can be bred to create more but, again, this would mean the puppies are not purebred since the parents aren’t. The color pattern has been introduced in most cases by.

Then, Of Course, Breeding Takes Time And Money.

Generally, it is chihuahuas that carry the merle gene. What genes make a french bulldog lilac? Some of the time, breeders go as far as crossing the puppies too, to create a breed which they claim to be pure breed merle french bulldog.

1.5 Top Dog French Bulldogs;

If you breed two merle french bulldogs together, there are 25% chances they will give birth to a double merle french bulldog. 1.7 my merle french bulldog; Merle french bulldogs are a result of selective breeding and are created by breeding one french bulldog with another dog that carries the merle gene such as a chihuahua.

Following Side Effects Can Occur By Breeding Two Merle French Bulldogs.

However, this practice is considered unethical and irresponsible. Chocolate and blue were never a color of the french bulldog , and have recently been added to the breeding pool , for color. Merle is not lethal as a single gene on its own, and can be safely bred,

The Merle Pattern Is Characterized By Irregularly Shaped Patches With Diluted Pigment While Other Patches On The Coat Are Fully Pigmented In Color.

Since breeding merle french bulldogs isn’t an easy task, it’s not so easy to find a breeder. Responsible breeders must find a merle dog and a purebred french bulldog to breed, complete health checks, and ensure that both dogs are at least fairly healthy before breeding. We constantly scan the internet and other breeders to ensure that are pricing appropriately.