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Rare Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Colors

Rare Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Colors. Chocolate cavaliers carry the recessive b locus (brown) gene and thankfully with modern science there is a b locus dna test to determine if your cav carries the recessive bb or bb gene. In some cases, they have those markings on their legs and inside their ears.

Chocolate Cavaliers
Chocolate Cavaliers from

The main color of the coat is pearl white. They have a black body combined with tan highlights around their cheeks, eyebrows, and underneath their nails. Around the eyes in the form of glasses, in the cheekbones, on the inner side of the ears, paws, and under the tail, there are black marks with a red tan.

The Rarest Color For Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Accepted By The Akc Is Black And Tan.

Find this pin and more on king charles cavalier by colette daniels. The black and tan coloration is the rarest coat color for cavalier king charles spaniels. What is the rarest color for cavalier king charles spaniels?

The Tricolor, Which Is Black And White With Tan Markings On Cheeks, Inside Ears, On Eyebrows, Inside Legs, And On Underside Of Tail.

Like many other breeds, cavalier king charles puppies grow into their colors. The exact shade depends on the breeding of the pup. According to researchers there are only two known originating chocolate cavalier kings charlie spaniel bloodlines in the world, making the coloring extremely rare.

Around The Eyes In The Form Of Glasses, In The Cheekbones, On The Inner Side Of The Ears, Paws, And Under The Tail, There Are Black Marks With A Red Tan.

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The Ears And Area Surrounding The Eyes Will Be Black, Separated By A Splash Of White From The Muzzle Up The Forehead.

The main color of the coat is pearl white. Do cavalier king charles spaniels change color? Tricolors have tan markings over their eyes, on the cheeks and beneath the tail.

A Distinctive Feature Of The Color Is A White Blaze.

Answered 1 year ago · author has 3.8k answers and 4.9m answer views. The most expensive color of a cavalier king charles spaniel is blue, because it is so scarce. The cavalier king charles spaniel is a small breed of spaniel classed in the toy group of the kennel club and the american kennel club that originated in the united kingdom.