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Dachshund Lab Mix

Dachshund Lab Mix. The dachshund lab mix is an adorable family companion. The dachsador is an intelligent and outgoing dog.

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The two parent breeds are so physically different that it is hard to imagine what their offspring would look like. The parents of dachshund and lab mix. Dachshund lab mix size compared to parent breeds.

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The dachsador dog is a mix between the dachshund and the labrador retriever. The parents of dachshund and lab mix. This mix breed dog combines some of the best traits of its parent breeds.

Also, There Some Great Personality Traits Inherited From Both Sides.

Dachshund lab mix is a breed of dog that wants to please their owner and to show affection whenever they want to. Their long back means they have a risk 10 to 12 times greater than other breeds of contracting this very painful disease. Dachshund lab mix size compared to parent breeds.

Since A Mix Can End Up With Any Combination Of Traits From One Or Both Of The Parent Breeds, It’s Important That You Talk To The Breeder About The Other Parent Breed In The Cross.

The hunting instinct is in the dachshund’s genetics, just as. The labshund mix is a very lively, social, and friendly breed. One dog breed amongst these two is long or short while the other breed is relatively tall.

They Are Expected To Have A Curly Tail.

Studies have found roughly one in four dachshunds suffer from ivdd. Commonly known as a “dachsador” the dachshund lab mix is an exciting blend of the labrador retriever and the dachshund dog. The dachshund mix is a cross between a dachshund and another dog breed.

Dachshund Lab Mixes Are The Dogs Which Wanderer,.

Both the labrador retriever and dachshund come from hunting backgrounds, but the doxidor is bred as a loveable friend. This is a very interesting mixed dog combining two very different dogs. As both labradors and dachshunds are highly intelligent, so is their mutual offspring.