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73+ Black Afghan Hound Dog Pic

Black Afghan Hound Dog. See black afghan hound stock video clips. Despite his regal appearance, he is known for his profound loyalty, sensitive nature, and.

Afghan Hound My Doggy Rocks
Afghan Hound My Doggy Rocks from

These beautiful creatures will typically have an average lifespan of about 12 years. These dogs are independent and intelligent. Afghan white backgroundafghan houndafghan houndswhite afghan houndmajestic dogafghan.

White Markings Can Appear On The Legs, Back, And Head.

With a great coat comes great grooming responsibility. Black afghan hounds, blue, cream, red, silver, and white afghan hound coats are staple colors. Afghan hound dog cam black legging.

These Majestic Dogs Also Usually Have Unique Facial Markings That Can Resemble A Black Mask Or Fu Manchu Style Mustache.

See black afghan hound stock video clips. In addition, the first dog to be cloned was an afghan hound named snuppy. According to the breed standard, popular standard color patterns include black and silver, black and tan, and blue and cream.

The Afghan Hound Is One Of The Most Ancient Of Dogs, And Legend States It Was This Breed That Noah Took Into The Ark.

However, over the years, the breed standard has grown to discourage these marks. Nevertheless, some white in the coat, especially on the head, is discouraged by some of the breed’s purists. The afghan hound is an aloof and dignified aristocrat of sublime beauty.

These Beautiful Creatures Will Typically Have An Average Lifespan Of About 12 Years.

The afghan hound is a dog breed common in the cold mountains of afghanistan, pakistan and northern india. Also called galanday hound, tāzī, balkh hound, shalgar hound, baluchi hound, barakzaihound, kabul hound, and other people mispronounce it as african hound. Search for black afghan hound in these categories.

The Afghan Hound Has High Grooming Requirements.

Despite his regal appearance, he is known for his profound loyalty, sensitive nature, and. $37.95 $54.50 you save 30% ($16.55) size. The afghan hound was bred by nomadic tribes to hunt gazelles, foxes, and rabbits in harsh mountain terrain, leading to a nimble body, notable jumping ability,.