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73+ Boston Terrier Temperament Lively Picture

Boston Terrier Temperament Lively. Affectionate and loving, boston terrier is really a family dog. Although some lilac boston terriers can be overprotective of their handlers, most of them are easy to get along with as they’re sociable.

All About Fun Boston Terrier Dogs Temperament
All About Fun Boston Terrier Dogs Temperament from

Black boston terriers are also affectionate, intelligent, and lively. While they can be stubborn sometimes, you should avoid harsh punishment as it can make them sad. In general, the boston terrier is a small, charming and good looking dog.

It Loves To Play Different Games And Chase Balls.

Boston bull, boston bull terrier, boxwood, american gentlemen: Black boston terriers are also affectionate, intelligent, and lively. The most common colors for boston terriers are white, brown, and black.

The Most Common Colors For Boston Terriers Are Black, Brown, And White.

Temperament the boston terrier is a friendly and lively dog. Some are lively and funny while others are quiet, dignified and relatively sedate. They also have large, black beautiful eyes that add to their attractive looks.

Whenever It Looks At You With Its Cute, Round And Black Eyes, You Immediately Fall In Love With.

The boston terrier is the medium purebred that is known for being playful, lively, intelligent, gentle, friendly, aggressive, and affectionate. The head is in proportion to the size of the dog and the expression indicates a high degree of intelligence. If you look at the akc’s official breed standards, that’s also how they describe them.

The Boston Terrier Is A Small, Compact Dog With Short Hair And A Sleek Black Coat.

Overall boston terrier temperament in summary the boston terrier’s temperament is gentle, lively, smart and affectionate. They have a lively, adaptable, friendly and loving temperament. They may bark at strangers and are said to be a good watch dog.

They Love Attention And Being Around People.

It is a perfect human companion. The boston terrier is a friendly, and lively little companion that is full of amusing antics. Long gone are the days that they were bred for fighting.