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33+ French Bulldog Grey Blue Eyes Pic

French Bulldog Grey Blue Eyes. French bulldog grey blue eyes. French bulldogs are small dogs usually weighing under 28 lbs and standing between 11 to 13 inches in height.

French Bulldog Grey Blue Eyes For Sale
French Bulldog Grey Blue Eyes For Sale from

The blue frenchie has a blue colored coat, ranging from dark blue/grey to a lighter blue color, with blue eyes and a blue nose! If you’re looking for a french bulldog grey with blue eyes for sale you’re in the right place. Do grey french bulldogs have blue eyes?

If The Eye Color Is Natural, Then There Is Little To Worry About.

Are french bulldogs blue eyes rare? A bulldog’ normal eye color is brown or dark brown; They will either be completely blue, or slightly different shades including grey, green, and brown flecks.

Dogs With A High Concentration Of Melanin In Their Eyes Are Known To Have Brown Eyes;

The eyes of most of the frenchie’s are distinct from those of black eyes and either they are yellow, orange, or blue and grey. The blue gray french bulldog the look highly requested for its coat and blue eyes its tenderness and vivacity are typical characteristics of this breed. No, not all lilac french bulldogs have blue eyes.

The Blue Sable French Bulldog Has A Fawn Coat With Strings Of Blue Tipped Hairs On The Back.

They may also have a brown, yellowish, blue, or grey color of eyes. This is because they are great companions, intelligent and loyal. Whatever the color of your frenchie, there is no doubt that this is a stunning small dog, especially the blue french bulldog puppy.

At About 10 Weeks Old, The Frenchie Eyes Will Start To Change Color.

Unlike the regular french bulldogs, whose blue eyes become dark after few weeks, the merle frenchies‘ eyes remain blue forever. All puppies, once their eyes open, have a small tint of blue. Well, all french bulldog puppies are born with blue eyes.

This Is Actually An Optical Illusion Caused By The Absence Of Melanin (The Color Pigment) At Birth.

The blue french bulldogs come in solid blue/blue brindle, blue fawn, blue piebald (white with blue markings) and blue fawn piebald (white with blue fawn markings). Health issues as a cause of blue eyes in french bulldogs This gene is responsible for random pigment dilution (lightening) of the nose, eyes, and fur.