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69+ Italian Dog Breed Cane Corso Pic

Italian Dog Breed Cane Corso. Our dogs have been shown in books, calendars and magazines. Employed as property, cattle and personal guard dog and used for hunting purposes too.

Cane Corso Dog Breed Information Guide]
Cane Corso Dog Breed Information Guide] from

The mastiff cane corso was originally bred to guard property and hunt big game. Common coat colours are fawn and black, though they often have small white markings (larger white markings are not accepted). Its name comes from the latin “cohors” which means “guardian” and “protector” also called italian mastiff.

Currently, Its Role Is Much More Multipurpose As A Watchdog, Police Dog, And Companion Dog.

Although the fur is short, it is definitely not smooth and shiny, but thick and textured. If you want to buy a cane corso puppy, do not hesitate to contact us. To achieve this goal, we’ve chosen to breed dogs imported from italy since it is the birthplace of the cane corso.

Its Name Comes From The Latin “Cohors” Which Means “Guardian” And “Protector” Also Called Italian Mastiff.

Black, brindle, grey and black. This ancient italian dog breed was developed to protect property and hunt large animals such as wild boar. The term ‘cane’ is italian for dog and ‘corso’ is latin for protector.

Cane Corso Is A Large Italian Dog Breed.

Cane is italian for dog and there is no fact on what corso stands for but there are some theories… according to the book il cane corso by fernando casolino & stefano gandolfi there are the three different theories… Black black brindle chestnut brindle fawn red grey assertive and confident, corsi are peerless protectors., smart, trainable, and noble of bearing The cane corso italiano is the original cane corso breed.

Like Others Of Its Type, The Cane Corso Has A Particularly Short Coat.

The cane corso is a large dog breed of southern italian origins that is used for personal protection, tracking, law enforcement, and as a guard dog. However, in general these large dogs can be quite intimidating to strangers. Lovely photo of a cane corso italian mastiff with her puppy.

The Cane Corso From Italian Cane And Corso From The Latin Cohors Meaning Protector, Also Known As The Italian Mastiff, Is A Large Italian Breed Of Dog, For Years Valued Highly In Italy As A Companion, Guard Dog, And Hunter.

Our dogs have been shown in books, calendars and magazines. Our dogs are sound in both body and mind, capable of holding their own in the show ring while fulfilling the role of a true working dog. And there we have it, the intelligent, affectionate, tough and powerful cane corso deserves a name that will reflect these awesome traits.