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73+ Labrador Mix With Border Collie Photo

Labrador Mix With Border Collie. This designer dog breed comes from crossing two very traditional and popular purebred dogs, and only been recognized for around 20 years or so. The most common color you’ll find them in is solid black.

Oreo the Border Collie, Labrador Retriever Mix DogPerDay
Oreo the Border Collie, Labrador Retriever Mix DogPerDay from

The cross between the labrador retriever and the border collie is called the borador and the dogs in this breed are known for being curious, friendly, sweet, playful and very loving. The border collie labrador mix. 7245 w ave b, lancaster, ca, usa.

This Means Your Border Collie Lab Companion Is Very Likely To Be Heavier Than Collie.

Overall, this mix will be intelligent, eager to please, and very energetic. Border collie & golden retriever mix (aka golden border retriever) source Border collie and lab mix.

Fortunately, This Makes Them Fun To Be Around, But They Are Also Easy To Train.

Both the labrador retriever and border collie shed throughout the year, so this mixed breed is not hypoallergenic. Border collie lab mix shedding. The labradoodle border collie mix is a double hybrid that combines the labradoodle mixed breed with a purebred border collie.

Personality And Temperament Personality Of Borador Said To Be Human, The Border Collie Lab Combination Has Plenty Of Brains And Character.

So, naturally, the border collie lab mix is also an active doggy. The labrador retriever and border collie are both intelligent, willing to work and energetic; The border collie labrador mix is a result of mating a labrador retriever with a border collie.

Breeders Typically Make Sure The Mother Is Larger So They Have No Trouble Passing The Baby Pups.

If the labrador parent is yellow or chocolate, then the borador will be gold or. As both of his parents have working backgrounds, you could argue that the border collie lab mix is a working dog. Generally, they are bigger than border collies.

You Need Less Effort And Time As You Will Brush Their Coat Once Or Twice A Week Only.

So, the border collie and lab mix is probably going to live somewhere around 13 years. So, you will need to take your pet out for walks, to the dog park, on hikes, etc. Borador, border lab, border collie lab, or lab border are all acceptable names when registering your puppy.