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Border Collie Rat Terrier Mix

Border Collie Rat Terrier Mix. You can expect lots of brushing and lots of shedding with this pup! Boston terrier border terrier mix a.k.a boston border

Cute Dogs German Shepherd Lab Mix
Cute Dogs German Shepherd Lab Mix from

If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. This adorable little dog is a 7 year old 25 lb. The other parent breed may have an effect on grooming requirements for a rat.

So Predicting What The Mix Would Come Out Like Is A Challenging Task.

According to her dna test, she's a rat terrier/pomeranian/border collie mix. My dog is a rat terrier/ border collie mix. Sweet ellie mae is looking for a new furever home.

They’re Generally Healthy Dogs That Are Full Of Energy And Are Very Intelligent.

They are generally difficult for the average person to train, so you will want to enroll in obedience and training classes with your border collie mix puppy regardless of the other parent breed. Ellie mae was recently returned to the rescue, she was adopted about 6 years ago but is no longer a good fit in the home with a toddler. Both of these breeds are quite different from each other and it is very difficult to predict how the crossbreed would look like or what its temperament would be like.

Weekly Brushing And A Monthly Bath Are Usually Enough For A Rat Terrier Coat.

She has a beautiful & The ratshire is a yorkie rat terrier mix. Border collie & pit bull terrier mix (aka border pit) source

You Can Anticipate That They Should Have A Lovely Double Coat That Arrives In A Tremendous Assortment Of Shadings.

You can expect lots of brushing and lots of shedding with this pup! As the name suggests, border collie terrier mix is a designer crossbreed of border collie and a terrier. Even so, they’re very athletic and agile like their parents.

Best Suited For Homes With Some Kind Of Outdoor Space, This Mix Is A Great Family Dog And Companion.

Lucy found a forver home!here is the new rescue! What is a rat terrier border collie mix? Soft red colored fur with a white stomach.