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65+ French Bulldog Merle Blue Eyes Image

French Bulldog Merle Blue Eyes. If you are looking for a french bulldog whose eyes remain blue permanently, merle. Most lilac french bulldogs have blue or light grey eyes.


If we talk about regular frenchies, their blue eye color disappears once they grow up. If you are looking for a french bulldog whose eyes remain blue permanently, merle. Unlike the regular french bulldogs, whose blue eyes become dark after few weeks, the merle frenchies ‘ eyes remain blue forever.

Sometimes, These Pups Can Also Have Green, Dark Brown, Or Black Eyes.

Blue merle french bulldogs have an interesting eye appearance. The merle gene is responsible for the majority of french bulldogs that grow up to have blue eyes. Yes, lilac french bulldogs eyes stay blue for life unlike other french bulldog colours whose blue eyes change colour at the age of 10 weeks.

The Merle French Bulldogs Are One Of The Most Popular Varieties Of French Bulldogs.

The characteristic features that differentiate these dogs from french bulldogs’ pure breed include their unique coat pattern and saliant blue eyes. This gene is responsible for random pigment dilution (lightening) of the nose, eyes, and fur. With their aesthetic beauty and loving personality, they are a popular breed that became widely known for their bright blue eyes and unique appearance.

In Reality, They Are Blue Gene Dog Breeds.

Perfect for family and kids and good for company. Male blue eyes frenchie, 2 months old, ready to go home, microchip, vet certificate, vaccines and akc registration included, contact our phone number. One of the most distinctive features of the merle french bulldog is its vibrant blue eyes.

However, Some Merle Frenchies Outgrow Their Bright Blue Eyes.

Merle is a misunderstood gene in that it is not a color but rather an interaction with color pigment. Their coat color is black, but due to dilution, it gives a hue of blue color. Merle french bulldogs are most likely to develop full blue eyes or partially blue eyes, and they may also have full or partial pink noses.

The Blue Merle French Bulldog Is An Exceptional Breed.

They get to maintain bright blue eyes through puppyhood into adulthood and then still maintain. Beautiful blue merle with blue eyes french bulldog, all shots included, 2 months old. Our puppies grow up to be smaller and more compact dogs than most frenchies, too—which makes them even more uniquely cute (and easier to take care of at home or on the road).