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German Shepherd Labrador Border Collie Mix

German Shepherd Labrador Border Collie Mix. The puppies are all absolutely beautiful w age age: Today we are going to check out what you can expect from this clever cross breed when you bring one into your home.

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As a family we are very pleased to announce our gorgeous family pet skye has given birth to 6 beautiful colliepoos. A german shepherd border collie mix will live up to 15 years. The german shepherd border collie mix, also known as the shollie, is a beautiful cross between the border collie dog and the german shepherd.

The Border Collie German Shepherd Mix’s Origin.

The german shepherd border collie mix, or shollie, is a cross between the german shepherd dog and the border collie. Often referred to as a shollie, this is a large, working dog that is intelligent and full of energy. For hair, this mixed breed has a long and soft, glossy double coat, just like their border collie and labrador parents.

German Shepherd, A Herding Breed, Came From Europe To Withstand Damp And Cold Surroundings.

However, there are pertinent details on the history of its parent breeds. The origin story of the german collie puppies is unknown. The american kennel club (akc) formally recognized this breed in 1908.

Today We Are Going To Check Out What You Can Expect From This Clever Cross Breed When You Bring One Into Your Home.

It depends on which parent they take after more. It’s a good idea to brush these dogs daily, particularly when they are shedding heavily. Skye is a pure border collie who has been part of the family since she was 8 weeks old.

The Border Collie Has Been Around Since The Period When Romans Controlled Britannia.

To give your dog the best and longest life you can: The german shepherd lab mix, or sheprador, is a cross between a german shepherd and a labrador retriever. The border collie on the other hand is known to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds as well as easy to train and quite skilled in herding.

Best Suited For Active Families, They Love Being Busy And Having A Job To Do, Even If That Job Is Just Learning New Party Tricks With The Kids.

Bo (black and white) swift (black and white) gypsy (black and white) the mom, boots, is our wonderful family dog, a 60lb rough collie/border collie mix. The quest for the ultimate large dog with a combination of athleticism, agility, and a protective and playful nature may have been the driving force in creating this crossbreed. Lab & border collie mix coat and colors.