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Maltese Dog Temperament Affectionate

Maltese Dog Temperament Affectionate. Seniors, singles, couples, families with older children. He loves being with them and doesn’t deal well with spending time alone.

Malshi (Maltese X Shih Tzu Mix) Temperament, Puppies
Malshi (Maltese X Shih Tzu Mix) Temperament, Puppies from

They're a small dog breed that has a good temperament, derse says. They are loyal, vigorous and super affectionate. They enjoy affection from anyone and everyone.

Maltese Originated About 6000 B.c., Likely In Asia And Were Worshipped By The Ancient Egyptians.

Or, daily brush and bathe only when necessary. They adore humans and often prefer their company to dogs. Again, maltese dogs can be quite healthy, and many of them are known to have lived for 18 years.

They Enjoy Quality Time With Their Owners Despite The Activity And Considered As A Great Therapy Dog For Those In Need.

Their personal characteristics has been described as lively, active, playful, gentle, docile, affectionate. Maltese are generally peaceful with the world, meaning they are not naturally dominant or aggressive. They're a small dog breed that has a good temperament, derse says.

Maltese Can Live In A Variety Of Homes, Including Cities Apartments Since They Don’t Require Much Exercise.

Their happiness is your happiness. A good family dog, maltese are lively, playful, vigorous, and they generally enjoys learning tricks. However not everyone agreed and so the maltese was simply referred to as a maltese dog from there onwards.

The Maltese Is Gentle, Affectionate, Intelligent, Responsive And Trusting.

As we mentioned before, this a perfect dog breed to have in an apartment (it does not lose hair at all), the maltese is one of the most famous pet dogs; April 27, 2020 by meg austwick 17 comments. Both breeds tend to be friendly with strangers and the level of comfort around unfamiliar people depends on how much socialization the dog received in a young age.

The Morkie Temperament Is Generally Friendly And Affectionate.

As a mixed breed, your morkie can take after either parent breed more than the other. They can be snappy with raucous children. Maltese are very energetic and playfull, they enjoy playing very much with children.