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79+ Dachshund Puppies Merle Image

Dachshund Puppies Merle. This pattern is caused by the merle gene. All of our puppies here at down home dachshunds come with a one year written health guarantee and are current on all vaccinations and worming.

Chocolate Merle Dachshund Dogs Puppy Dapple dachshund
Chocolate Merle Dachshund Dogs Puppy Dapple dachshund from

Both parents are pure mini dachshunds and very impressive family dogs. It's a blast from the past to see all of our merle puppies from mary's cocker haven, merle cocker spaniel puppies and merle miniature dachshund puppies. My name is bently i am a mini dachshund puppy and i promise to be the meaning of love.

They Should Be Registered As Such, Because They Will Produce Dapple Puppies Who Might Have More Splashed And Spots.

These are gorgeous exotic merle pomeranian puppies. Puppies are sold with a one year written health guarantee. When a blue dachshund has the merle gene, you will see a coat pattern that has patches of darker and lighter colouring, looking like splashes of colour over the coat.

It's A Blast From The Past To See All Of Our Merle Puppies From Mary's Cocker Haven, Merle Cocker Spaniel Puppies And Merle Miniature Dachshund Puppies.

The dapple pattern in dachshunds is caused by what is known as the merle gene. Raising quality dachshund puppies is our hobby, but one that we take very seriously. We know the personalities of each of our dog and that matters because those are the traits that are passed down to their puppies.

Breeding Two Solid Coloured Parents Cannot Produce Dapple Offspring.

Its submitted by direction in the best field. For any family, this pup will be a beautiful addition. No puppy leaves our home until they have been wormed and have had their first vaccination.

With The Proper Care, A Dachshund Can Have A Long And Enjoyable Life And Live Up To 11 To 16 Years Of Age And Longer.

Akc champion dominos mini dachshunds. What’s a double dapple dachshund? While you often think of merle as white and black or white and red in breeds like the australian shepherd, the dachshund can also be black and brown and other mixes as long as the different shades show even distribution

All Of Our Puppies Have Great Temperaments.

As a matter of fact, the merle gene is dominant, meaning that one parent must be dapple to produce a dapple offspring. Minimum of 25 dogs earning titles with a minimum of 15 being prefix titles. Dachshund gardena, california, united states.