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Border Collie Mix Labrador

Border Collie Mix Labrador. You can’t predict a collie lab mix’s exact characteristics due to the dependence on the inherited parents. But it doesn’t mean they’re not susceptible to a lot of ailments.

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The other parent breed could cause this to vary. These adorable and enthusiastic puppies make great companions for active owners and can adapt to any environment. Personality and temperament personality of borador said to be human, the border collie lab combination has plenty of brains and character.

The Border Collie Labrador Mix Is A Loving, Gentle, And Very Teachable Dog That Needs Positive Reinforcement.

Lab mix collies are very intelligent, active, and energetic dogs that possess many human aspects in their personality. The sire and dam in this breed are interchangeable (i.e. Border collie labrador mix puppies need more food during the winter season than the summer.

Border Collie & Labrador Retriever Mix (Aka Borador) Mixing The Smartest Breed With The Most Popular One, And You’ll Get The Labrador And Border Collie Cross.

Also, make sure you stop by to meet the mother dog. Although in general mixed breed dogs do tend to live a little longer than their purebred counterparts. Also known as a borador, or border lab, this energetic and clever mix combines the best traits of its parent breeds.

But It Doesn’t Mean They’re Not Susceptible To A Lot Of Ailments.

Your border collie lab mix will be the life any party with a wagging tail and slobbery kiss. As both of his parents have working backgrounds, you could argue that the border collie lab mix is a working dog. The border collie labrador mix is a result of mating a labrador retriever with a border collie.

The Average For A Labrador Retriever Is 12.5 Years Old.

They are commonly seen in brown, yellow or black coats. It is often called a borador dog, or simply a borador. So, be sure to ask the breeder about the other parent breed in your border collie mix.

The Border Collie Lab Mix, Which Is Actually Referred To As A Borador, Only Came Into Existence Over The Last Two Decades In North America.

Farmer’s markets, dog parks, human parks—you name it. Black, white and brown will be the three most frequent colours for boradors. A border collie tends to weigh between 30 and 50 pounds and usually stands 18 to 22 inches tall.