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Light Brown Shih Tzu Colors

Light Brown Shih Tzu Colors. The nose and other points are black in color. Kierks is a liver (this can be seen by the liver (brown) nose, paw pads, eye rims, and lips) and livers have coat colors that are in the brown family (from light cream to a deep dark chocolate);

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In solid or white and chocolate. ~ blue or also known as a maltese dilute is a dilute of black and will not have any black hairs or pigmentation. The hair is often called chocolate but chocolate is not an offical akc color.

It Is Normal For A Shih Tzu To Be Born One Color And Registered As That Color And Then Change To Another Color.

The most recognized and largest dog club, the american kennel club, does not list chocolate as a standard or alternate color of the shih tzu. There are also times when the climate or seasons may have an affect on their coloring. The hair is often called chocolate but chocolate is not an offical akc color.

The Hair Looks More Charcoal And Is Often Hard To See, Except In Natural Light.

To see the blue color you will have to look at the dog under a special light. A dog is considered a liver if the shade of nose is in the brown color pallet. There are some shih tzu coat colors that have unique parameters that define them and otherwise set them apart from all the common colors we mentioned above.

This Color Is Only Seen Clearly With A Natural Light For Usually It Appears To Be Like The Color Charcoal.

Their coats may lighten, darken, or fade as they mature. These pups are very rare, and they are often confused with shih tzus of some other color, as the brindle pattern can make a gold shih tzu appear brown or red. Every happy camper needs a unique light brown shih tzu dog enamel mug camper mug.

Some Hair May Look Black But It Will Actually Be A Very Dark Gunmetal Color.

Instead, the dog's coat will turn a rich, silver color. Just like the blue color, even though blue is not rare, liver is based on skin pigmentation and not the color coat. A shih tzu that is light brown or even a color close to black may mature into having a darker brown coat.

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A shih tzu dog is considered to have a liver color if the points are either liver or brown. This can either be solid or parti such as tan/brown and white. Must have a chocolate coat & nose.