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Shih Tzu Colors Blue

Shih Tzu Colors Blue. Although a gray coat doesn't necessarily mean it is a blue shih tzu. This color is only seen clearly with a natural light for usually it appears to be like the color charcoal.

Shamrock Rose Aussies  to Shamrock Rose
Shamrock Rose Aussies  to Shamrock Rose from

This is the rarest color among shih tzu dogs. Most blue shih tzu’s have grey eye rims, grey lips and foot pads. A blue shih tzu can have any color coat.

You'll Need To Check The Nose To Be Sure.

Although a blue shih tzu may be of such a dark gunmetal gray as to appear black in certain lights, the color of its nose and lips will confirm its true coloration. A true blue shih tzu will have a blue nose, but it can have other hair colors. If his nose is solid black this is not a blue dog.

Blue Is Usually Darker Than Silver Or Gray, And Blue Dogs Will Be Born Almost Black.

According to the akc, there are 19 different shih tzu colors and four types of markings. The blue color is actually just a diluted black, and it occurs when the pup has something known as “the dilution gene.” In this case, the pigment takes on a slight purple hue, which has been referred to by breeders as lavender.

Compare A Blue Nose To A Black Nose To See The Difference.

However, according to official guidelines, only if blue is present on the nose, will the dog actually be blue. Blue is a recessive gene. You can tell the colors better in bright light outdoors.

In Fact, Its Fur Shade Will Usually Resemble Gray Or Charcoal, And The Blue Can Be Difficult To Observe Except In Bright Natural Light.

No, they don’t have the same color as the ocean. Eye color will be grey blue or light golden hazel. Whites can have all 3 color noses.white's with a blue nose are called blue pointed with a liver nose, liver pointed with a black nose, black pointed.solid white shihtzu are very rare.i register a white by the color of the nose not the fur.

Most Of The Time, A Blue Shih Tzu Looks Gray, But Is Seen In The Right Light, They Will Impart A Luminous Blue Shimmer.

Most blue shih tzu’s have grey eye rims, grey lips and foot pads. Akc standards specify that black is the color of the eyes, nose and lips of the shih tzu, except blue is the color for blue pigmented dogs, and liver (or brown) is the color for liver pigmented dogs. To get a rare color or marking in a shih tzu, both parents must carry the recessive gene.