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77+ French Bulldog Blue Merle Price Picture

French Bulldog Blue Merle Price. Reputable rare french bulldog breeders. In the uk, blue french bulldogs can cost between £1,500 and £2,000 for a.

Blue Merle Female French Bulldog PuppySOLD5362 The
Blue Merle Female French Bulldog PuppySOLD5362 The from

Send message click to view number. As the dogs grow and. The blue french bull dog’s bluish coat are the result of a recessive black dilution gene ( lets call it the ‘black’ gene) or the dilution gene as it is sometimes called.

The Merle Gene Is A Dominant Gene And When One Of The Parents Is A Merle, On Average Half Or More Of The Litter Will Also Be Merle.

Those who are looking for an answer to the question «how much does a blue merle french bulldog cost?» often ask the following questions: Blue french bulldogs from professional breeders can range in price from $1,500 to $4,000 and higher in the united states, sometimes costing more than double the price of a standard frenchie. They have bright blue eyes that stay forever.

Most Of The Blue Merle French Bulldogs Suffer Auditory Problems That Make The Training Hard For Many Pet Owners.

A $500 deposit will hold your puppy until ready to go. Blue french bulldogs breed information, price, facts the unique merle coloring can include blue, chocolate, black, lilac, and tan variations, with distinct markings on the face, chest, and paws. Blue merle male french bulldog price:

The Blue French Bulldog Is Said To Have Health Issues So They Are Not Recognised By The Akc.

Their very slim hips makes it very difficult, if not nearly impossible for them to reproduce naturally. But, did you know the average cost to breed a french bulldog is roughly $7000? 🐶 how much does a blue merle bulldog cost?

Durty Dawg Is A Lilac And Tan French Bulldog Male.

Prices for merles and blues start at $6,500 and up to $9 view details $8,000 Merle man is a 2 year old akc french bulldog. Luckily, it is not difficult to understand why the cost of a french bulldog puppy can vary.

These Dogs Can Range From $6000 To Several More Of Those Dollar Bills.

A good and reputable breeder can give you this dog at a reasonable price, while the bad breeders can charge you a really high price for a merle french bulldog. You can call it blue merle french bulldog or grey merle french bulldog. Merle teacup french bulldog puppies ( male &female) ready for rehoming registered and updated on shots coming along side all paper works a one year… view details $950