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Dapple Dachshund Blue Eyes

Dapple Dachshund Blue Eyes. This uniqueness of the coat pattern makes people feel like they are adopting a fascinating dog. A blue dachshund is a genetically formed color of the dachshund that is very rare.

Hello, little dappled dachshund! aww
Hello, little dappled dachshund! aww from

Because of their loyalty, these puppies will usually remain in their families. They are great with children when raised with children. It is impossible to have blue eyes on a dachshund without the dapple pattern.

The Problems Associated With The Lethal Genes In Double Dapples Are.

Only double dapple dachshunds can have blue or even partially blue eyes. Because of their loyalty, these puppies will usually remain in their families. No, all dapple dachshunds do not have blue eyes.

Eye Color Can Vary Depending On The Breed.

Can dachshunds have blue eyes? At dapple doxie, we have been working for years to produce beautiful quality dachshunds that are pleasing to the eye and correct to the standards. Double dapples will usually have blue eyes and, in some instances can have one blue and one brown eye.

Taco Tuco Doggie (Sire) Blue Tan Sh & Mary’s Havana Blue (Dam) Blue Cream Dapple Sh.

Do all dapple dachshunds have blue eyes? And stand less than 10″ at the shoulders. They might have one eye blue and one dark, or both eyes might be blue.

Double Dapple Dachshunds Will Always Have Large Areas Of White On Their Coat And Their Pattern Will Often Follow That Of A Collie.

Lastly, they come in different sizes: If the dachshund has white markings on his face, he’s more likely to have blue eyes. Only double dapple dachshund dogs that have been bred with two single dapple dogs of the same kind have blue or partially eyes.

Blue Eyes, Partially Blue, Or A Blue And A Brown Eye Are Called “Wall” Coloring.

The blue iris is a sign of loss of pigmentation due to dual merle genes. Because of the recessive gene, double dapple dachshunds may have blue eyes. This is an astonishing characteristic to be seen at a canine and it`s also among the reasons why certain dachshund breeders try to mix 2 different dapple dachshunds.