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Border Collie Puppy Blue Eyes

Border Collie Puppy Blue Eyes. As we mentioned, border collies come in two coat varieties. Some people believe that the blue eyes in a border collie come from a husky ancester, but this is patently untrue.

Cute Puppy Dogs miniature dachshund puppies
Cute Puppy Dogs miniature dachshund puppies from

Others simply consider it as brown or blue. Do merle border collies have blue eyes? Slate merle or lilac merles:

Border Collies Have Eyes That Can Vary From Blue To Brown.

Because of this, most experts recommend spaying and neutering blue merle border collies, so their faulty genetics and health problems won’t spread. Dogs of any color can have one eye or both eyes blue. The only criteria for breeding a border collie (and the only the only reason that you should breed one) is great livestock working ability.

Even Purebred Collies With The Regular Black And White Coat Can Have One Or Two Blue Eyes.

Yes, border collies can have blue eyes though it is fairly rare. Border collies have different eye colours varying to the different coat colours. All young puppies are born with varying shades of blue eyes.

Breeders, However, Aren’t Listening To Them.

Although brown is most common, blue eyes are still possible. Border collie blue eyes are really quite captivating indeed. In this way, the gene for merle is dominant.

It Is Not Something That A Breeder Of Border Collies Would Favor.

Brown is the default eye color for mature dogs. Blue dogs often have green or amber eyes as well. Blue merle border collie at a glance.

Eyes Of Two Different Colors Was Once Considered An Asset For A Working Collie, As It Was Thought That One Of The Eyes Controlled The Sheep Inbye Or Close Up, And One Controlled The Sheep Ootbye (Outbye) Or At A.

Can a border collie have blue eyes? The border aussie is a bundle of energy, and does best with plenty of exercise. A border collie can have blue eyes for a variety of reasons, including [ source ]: