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Shar Pei Chow Chow Tongue

Shar Pei Chow Chow Tongue. Their loyal, dignified and alert nature, […] Chow chow by stelios kleanthous is available as a print here.

Kingston Shar pei fever, Black tongue, Breeds
Kingston Shar pei fever, Black tongue, Breeds from

They had great endurance and could work all day alongside their masters. Exceptions can be found in dogs with dilute coat colors associated with solid lavender pigmentation on the tongue. The word shar pei means ‘dog with sandy coat’ in chinese.

Yes, They Have A Common Ancestry With The Breed Chow Chow.

It is also sometimes known as the chinese shar pei. This unique puppy has chinese ancestors, but it’s believed that the chow pei was first bred in the united states. Are all dogs with blue tongues chow?

But That’s Just One Side.

The truth about these spots and darkly coloured tongues, is they are, in fact deposits of pigment much like a birthmark or freckles that some people have on their skin and bodies. Many other purebred dogs also have blue spots or patches on their tongues, but that doesn’t mean they are a chow mix. They simply have spots or freckles on their tongue, which is completely normal.

Chow Chow By Stelios Kleanthous Is Available As A Print Here.

Chows are one of the most ancient of dog breeds and are known throughout history as expert hunting and working companion dogs. Most shar peis only have facial and neck wrinkles left as adults. His profile is square, and his muzzle is full and wide.

Unfortunately, In The Early Days In China, It Is Well Known That The Chow Was An Important Source Of Food And Fur.

The loose skin is said to have made him less vulnerable in a dog fight. Most notably, they make perfect family companions because of their small size. Other breeds of dogs with blue tongue.

Their Loyal, Dignified And Alert Nature, […]

This unusual looking dog has a broad flat head and a solid body and the shar pei’s tongue is similar to the chow chow because it’s also blue. You would definitely spot the shar pei’s wrinkles on most of the chow peis. Their small size is a result of the recessive gene they carry on their dna.