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Cane Corso Guard Dogs For Sale

Cane Corso Guard Dogs For Sale. We have 4 dogs reserved and 7 available. View available cane corso dogs.

Can Caucasian Ovcharka be trained not to be aggressive?
Can Caucasian Ovcharka be trained not to be aggressive? from

We at ddr guard dogs, seek to preserve this magnificent animal. Ad bring home vaccinated & vet check healthy puppy. We hold the record of reproduction championships produced.

This Boy Is Very Protective And Intimidating Looking, Which Is Fantastic For Potential Burglars Or Unwanted Guests.

Every year, castleguard has a top 10 akc corso. These are dogs we held back from a litter to place in our breeding or working programs. Cane corso dogs for sale.

287 Cane Corso Dogs And Puppies For Sale.

It is classified as a guard dog as it has been used severally to guard property and animals alike. This dog breed is said to have descended from the roman war dogs. Blue king’s cane corso puppies receive the best care , treatment, and diet in their time with us.

To Date, We Have Produced Well Over 100 Akc Titled Corsos!

We know what an amazing breed the cane corso has been for our family and want to share this precious dog with other qualified owners. A corso is an indoor dog. Yes kc / fci reg:

They Are Not A “1 Dog Owner” As Are Herding.

Theo // male slovakian mastiff 16 months old. Social drive = this is how a dog relates to its master, family and property. They long to be with their people and don’t do well isolated.

They Are Big And Bulky And It Is A Surprise They Have Been Adopted As Pets.

We do sell adult and juvenile cane corso. All 40 / belgian malinois 3 / boxer 1 / cane corso 8 / doberman 6 / german shepherd 17 / great dane 1 / rottweiler 4. Prey drive = this relates to a dog’s desire to chase things.